Ancient Kingdoms


Welcome to Eratiath, a world filled with humans, dwarves, elves, and all manner fantastical races, coexisting in a fragile balance, all the while contending with monsters, foul beasts, undead, and worse. Descend into forgotten catacombs, delve the secrets of ancient temples, fight your way through ruined fortresses manned by undead and dark caverns filled with beast men, all to seek the truth about an archaic evil that seeks to return. Will you rise to the challenge and be the new champion this world needs, or will you fall to the darkness that strives to encompass this land?

The Ancient Gods no longer heed our prayers. Our fields grow barren, and foul beasts and monsters long thought forgotten have returned. Travelers arrive with dire reports of growing darkness in distant lands.
As you journey through Eratiath, you will need allies to provide you with direction, supplies, and training to help you along your way, just as you will need to know those who would wield steel and sorcery to bar your path. Here are those that will help shape the future of this world:

The remnants of the Elven Kingdom, once a mighty and proud beacon light for all Eratiath, now a mere shadow of their former selves. Their people had been decimated in the last stand against the forces of Nogroth when last the darkness threatened to overcome the land. Though their survivors are few, you will find none more versed in magic or the ancient histories if the land.

The military might of the proud and tenacious human race, the Army of the Order, dwell in the city of Milldenn in Crescent Coast. Back in ancient times, they had fought bravely against Nogroth during the last great battle, earning themselves the right to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other great races of the land. Since then, they have prospered and grown in the area known as the Crescent Coast.

Nestled in the depths a distance mountain in the north of the Lone-Lands is the dwarven kingdom known as Thogh Maldur, where the Children of Illithor live. The dwarves have an ancient enmity to the orcs, whose stronghold “Urord Nog” is located near their kingdom, and the constant wars between the two have hardened the dwarves into a rough, warrior race. They worship Illithor, whom they consider to be the father of the dwarves, and seek out his blessing when things get dire.

Working in the shadows are the followers of Nogroth, The Forsaken. The toil ceaselessly to return their dark master back to this world and extend his reach to cover all Eratiath. They will not stop until their enemies are destroyed, the peoples of the world are enslaved, and darkness rules the land.

The dark elves and goblins who follow the god Okmus are joined together in The Dark Alliance. A chaotic and unpredictable force, no one is ever truly sure where they stand. In the last conflict with Nogroth, Okmus led his forces to aid the allied peoples to victory over the forces of darkness, but none are under any delusion that he did so for any but his own benefit. He and his followers’ loyalty are fickle, and can change in an instant based on what they deem most advantageous to them in the moment. For the sake of the world, it is hoped that this does not lead them to ally with Nogroth in the coming troubles.

Above that of mortal men are the Ancient Gods, powerful beings known to represent the elemental forces of nature, as well as embody the true virtues related to justice and balance. Neutral in most matters, it remains to be seen how their influence may impact events.


The second age

The world is currently in what modern scholars refer to as ‘the second age.’ The sun set on the first age when the allied forces of Eratiath were victorious over Nogroth and his dark army, a costly win that took the life of much of the peoples, including the legendary King Vaeril. This age has been defined by a shifting in the fragile balance of power between the races. The elves, once a monolith, now meek out a living in a small village in the Twilight Forest.

In the north, the dwarven King Darin, the last surviving ruler from final battle against Nogroth, grows concerned about the orcs coming from the fortress of Khazam Dur and reported dragon sightings. Meanwhile, the members races of The Dark Alliance operate in secret and make plans known only to them.

Recently, there have been troubling signs of the darkness returning, and reports of monster sightings are on the rise. Some wonder if we could be heading towards the setting of the second age, and if so, if the peoples of Eratiath could survive it.