Ancient Kingdoms



  • New Quest “Chronicles of the Lost Crown IV: Reforging the Crown”
  • Blink effect on buffs 10 seconds before they finish
  • Fixed grammar errors in quests
  • Fixed bug with damage bonus of bow and primary weapon stacking
  • Fixed bug with caster moving to target on self buffs
  • Added sound when eating or drinking
  • Fixed bug where if ranger equip a sword while using bow, character show sword
  • No show changes if equipped if your class cannot equip that item
  • Basic Attacks now cannot be updated with skill points
  • Archer Shot changed to basic attack
  • Added new Ranger skill “Dazing Shot”
  • Fixed bug with ambient sounds still playing on exit game
  • Monsters now have a little prob to break root spells
  • Monsters exp reward now depends on their level instead of manual set
  • New Challenging Strike animation
  • On revive, player get Resurrection effects, being invulnerable for 5 secs
  • New icons for armor molds of Black Ice Deep
  • Fixed bug with invisibility skill
  • Alchemy – Superior Potion of Healing (requires 3x Soul Essence + 1x Frostbloom)
  • Added flickering lights for all light sources
  • Fixed bug with names in Alchemy Table
  • New Elite golem “Verdant Glacier” in Black Ice Deep
  • Now appears quest arrows for all tracked quests
  • Players can buy all houses they want instead of only one
  • Adjusted houses price and faction needed
  • Adjusted house furnitures prices
  • Upgraded all connections to use https
  • On zones with ambient sound, now play other time main music track after some time (random)
  • Improved distance for gather items
  • New Weather Effect: Sand Storm
  • New Music Track for “Lost Archives”
  • New Music Track for “Forgotten Catacombs”
  • In Character Creation, now when change class you’ll see a skill animation
  • New dwarven female hairstyles
  • New Music Track for “Despair”
  • New Character Creation background