Ancient Kingdoms


  • Added hit effects to make the fights more dynamic.
  • UI/UX changes to “Character” interface.
  • Fixed alchemy bug related to making potions.
  • Some changes to ranger and druid skills.
  • Added new skill “Run” to warrior class.
  • Added new “Interactive Objects” to travel between zones.
  • “The Twisted Haunt” dungeon revamp finished.
  • Greatly improvement of FPS (+20%) due to optimization of dynamic zones.
  • Updated Home Screen with the new Ancient Kingdoms cover.
  • Fixed bug with npc vendors.
  • Fixed bug with housing system.
  • Added a new amazing “Bestiary”.
  • Added trigger when you approach to a new boss, so you now see a “New Lore” button.
  • Wolves sprites have been changed for a better version
  • Added brown and white rabbits to “The Lone-Lands”
  • Improved wanderers code to make it more efficient.