Ancient Kingdoms



  • Added new skill effects for Druid
  • Swiftness duration fixed to 5 min
  • Spirit of Bear duration fixed to 10 min
  • Fixed typo with red familiar of wizard
  • Improved character preview
  • Fixed collision near Herald of Destruction zone
  • Added name overlay to character creation
  • While gathering an item, now weapon is hidden
  • New default cursor select hand
  • Rogues now can deactivate traps 😀
  • Added sign posts to Crescent Coast
  • Added more traps to Lizardmens Den
  • Improved invisibility awareness for players
  • Added new skill effects for Ranger
  • New speech bubbles for all mobs
  • Revamp running feature
  • Mouse left-click now only works for select/interact
  • Hits popup now last more time
  • Upgrade Character button is now more noticeable
  • DoTs now wake up to mezzed mobs
  • Fixed bug related with aggro not building up in certain conditions
  • Balance changes to Daunting Light skill
  • Added World map mark for current zone
  • Roll for all keys loot
  • Initial City can be changed on character creation
  • Fixed bug with Avatar of Water position
  • Added new skill effects for Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard
  • Improved Character Creation UI
  • Added “Wanderer Clothes” as default equipment
  • Elite monsters now will attack independently of level
  • Added “See Invisibility” feature