Ancient Kingdoms


  • Added new kill effect
  • Fixed bug with Ranger Pet
  • More improvements to FPS
  • Updated to last version of game engine
  • Improved tooltip interface
  • Add progress quest messages for all types of quests
  • New Zone Everfrost 🙂
  • Move and interact working for all npcs and structures (QoL)
  • Fixed bug with fireball movement on clients
  • Activated by default health bar and name on mobs
  • Added underwear to characters without armor
  • Added Gold coins as new loot item
  • Improved loot interface and fixed tooltip problems
  • Added fade effect when near some objects like trees, columns, etc.
  • New illustrated maps!
  • Added dynamic bloom effects by zone
  • Added minimap directional arrow for NPCs to complete quests
  • Improved UI for important messages