Ancient Kingdoms



  • Added stunned sound
  • Fix AudioManager duplicated bug
  • Fix last zone sounds in character selection
  • Fix problem with summon placeholder mechanic
  • Network library upgraded
  • Game engine updated
  • Archivist armor class restricted (cleric, druid, wizard)
  • Dynamic activation of map grids and images
  • New reference resolution for UI 1920×1080
  • Minor changes to UI elements
  • Fix collisions in Crescent Coast
  • Added some new mobs to Despair
  • Important changes in how to step from Despair level 1 to 2
  • Added “Discover New Zone” dynamic
  • Message “New Zone Discovered” reveal char by char
  • Added more colourful butterflies to Thogh Maldur
  • Party HUD: added health / mana / energy percent status
  • Party HUD: added buffs by party member
  • Improved roofs aesthetics
  • Fixed cats / dogs sprite slice
  • NEW BIG ZONE: Molten Summit map integrated
  • Fixed “Origins” quest location in Crescent Coast
  • Fixed Run Skill bug, it was not working with a NPC selected
  • New wanderer “hamster”
  • Added new NPCs to Bonecrusher
  • Added music to Bonecrusher
  • Added Music to Molten Summit
  • Finished Dark elves / fire goblins questline
  • Link items to chat
  • Added tooltips for items in chat
  • New class emblems
  • Improvements to player info UI
  • Added NPC phrases in Crescent Coast