Ancient Kingdoms



  • Fixed chat input field wrapping
  • Improved insects animations
  • Fixed placeholder mechanic
  • Added new monster “Harpy” to Crescent Coast
  • Added skeleton camp to Crescent Coast
  • Fixed the confiners of some dungeons
  • New Particle Effect for Gathering Items
  • Added Crescent Coast houses
  • New Quest “Chamber of Summoning”
  • New Quest “Dark Rituals”
  • Balanced lvl and damage of some mobs in Despair
  • Fixed bug with gathering items animations when changing zone
  • Improved Taunt attack effect
  • Improved Damage effects
  • Changed cactus material to improve how it looks
  • Removed castbar of Frontal Attack Skill
  • Improved UI cast bar look
  • First batch of changes to support Steam Deck
  • Fixed headbands for goblins and dwarves
  • Added new loot to Archivist Phaendar
  • Added new loot to Xylevis
  • New quest attributes (class / race restrictions)