Ancient Kingdoms



  • Added gathering items animation
  • Balance changes to Lost Archives bosses
  • Fixed some bugs in humans quest line
  • Improved hit numbers animations when fighting
  • Added run skill button for all classes
  • Added mount / unmount button
  • New pixel art icons for armors
  • Fixed time delay when opening a quest for first time
  • Updated game engine
  • Added VSync to settings
  • Improved boss approach mechanic (lore button no active if boss is not up)
  • Finished humans quests line
  • Changed all armors for first quest lines of all races
  • Added gathering like a new skill
  • Horses and camels can be killed, but you will lose faction
  • Gathering is interrupted if you are attacked
  • Travel scrolls use is interrupted if you are attacked
  • Split up Canvas to improve performance
  • Fixed bug with stats don’t showing up correctly in character panel